Zach Wise

Zach developed an interest in architecture at an early age. A fascination with scale models quickly grew into a desire to learn how these models translated to the built environment at a full scale. While obtaining his Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture at Texas A&M University his interests focused on the ways in which architecture can improve and respond to the surrounding environment.

Growing up in the same house in south Texas for eighteen years, Zach developed a strong desire to experience new environments. After earning his Bachelor at Texas A&M University, Zach had the opportunity to intern with Engineering Ministries International in Calgary, Alberta. The internship involved a project trip to Kigali, Rwanda in which he joined a team of architects and engineers to design a ministry center that would be a fundraising venue for improving the education system in Rwanda. Living in places like Italy, Calgary, and San Francisco he has developed an appreciation for the sense place that is unique to each, as well as an understanding of the impact that can be made by architecture that is responsive to both the community and the environment.

Having moved directly from San Francisco to Billings, Zach has found a perfect fit and welcomed change in joining High Plains Architects. Though Zach is new to Montana, he has had lifelong connection to nature and looks forward to taking advantage of all that the region has to offer.
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