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Place, Resources, and Client

The people of High Plains Architects live and work on the High Plains because we are drawn to its unique character. Because it is a place that we love and respect, we are committed to developing, designing, and building the kind of architecture and urban environments that are of and about this place.

We practice architecture and love what we do because it allows us to practice what we preach. We believe that we can design buildings that help to shape a community without depleting the valuable resources that define a place and make it unique. 

Why We Do What We Do...

High Plains Architects creates an architecture that is influenced by the region in which it will exist. It is an architecture that responds to the opportunities of climate, available materials, cultural traditions, and functional necessity imposed by its place, making it a truly regional architecture.

High Plains is deeply committed to 'green' or sustainable architecture. For us, it is essential to create responsible architecture that understands the renewable and respects the non-renewable resources of the region. We provide innovative solutions for resource conservation by utilizing existing or salvaged materials and resources, and transforming neglected buildings and neighborhoods. Ultimately, this approach not only conserves new resources but also yields a building less expensive to own and operate.

At High Plains Architects, we believe every project should be a space that is responsive to the unique needs and aspirations of the client. Therefore, the client is an active participant in the process of creating the building and collaborates from the very beginning. We are committed to working with our clients to achieve a result that meets and exceeds their expectations and goals.

By combining these ingredients – place, resources and client – in an intense, interactive design process, we strive to go beyond merely meeting the clients’ needs by doing nothing less than exceeding their loftiest aspirations.

Who We Are: Smart, Fresh, In-Touch

At High Plains Architects, we uphold our mission to serve and inspire our clients, community, heritage, and environment by designing innovative, cost-effective, high-performance buildings in every project we design.

High Plains Architects is a full service architecture firm based in the high plains of Montana. For over a decade, Principal Randy Hafer and the rest of the High Plains team have provided customized design for our clients, emphasizing sustainability, historic renovation, preservation and restoration, and urban revitalization.

High Plains strives to create buildings that endure through thoughtful understanding of our clients' needs and awareness of the surrounding landscape. We make sustainable attainable and have defined ‘Urban Rustic’ as the careful balance between innovation and preservation.

While based in Montana, our team has lived, worked and studied across the country (as well as abroad), from the East Coast to Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout the Greater Yellowstone region.

We Can Meet Your Needs



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Drawing upon decades of experience, High Plains Architects works on projects ranging from residential to commercial, from civic and educational to industrial. Our capability ranges from individual residential to multi-family and mixed-use, multi-story structures. We have designed educational facilities, as well as banks, offices, restaurants, retail spaces, grocery stores, hardware stores, fitness centers, breweries, theaters, and recreation facilities.  In short, our full-service architectural design experience is varied and far ranging. We are always excited to discuss project ideas with our clients, which is why we offer free consultations to all new clients. 

Sustainable Design

No matter what type of building we are designing, High Plains has consistently put its sustainable design values into practice, resulting in projects that are unsurpassed in the region in energy efficiency, water efficiency, use of salvaged and other green materials, and through the use of renewable energy sources. We are responsible for designing four of the five LEED Platinum buildings in Billings, with five more LEED Platinum buildings currently in design and development. If sustainability is a goal for your project, or you simply want to learn more, we are always interested in discussing sustainability during our consultations.

Historic Renovation, Rehabilitation and Preservation

Additionally, High Plains is well versed in the varied demands of historic renovation and preservation and historically sensitive design. Historic preservation work is challenging; however, we have demonstrated our knowledge and expertise in this field with eight adaptive reuse and historic renovation projects successfully listed on the National Register of Historic Places, all of which were tax credit projects. But, we haven't stopped there; we have two more on the way.  What's more, we're always excited to talk with you about your preservation and historic revitalization projects. 

Urban Renewal

High Plains has a passion for developing healthy, livable, walkable, vibrant neighborhoods and communities. We have worked on many significant rehabilitation projects in the downtown Billings area, which have contributed considerably to the overall revitalization of downtown. This has been accomplished by preserving buildings with historic character, infusing new life and energy into them, all while increasing their performance. Our expertise also includes project development, feasibility studies, master plans, and even assisting with a successful National Historic District nomination.

Working Together to Get it Right

A diverse team of design and construction professionals all working together for a client provides many benefits: collective and specialized experience, timely cost analysis and feedback, a shortened construction period, and efficient building systems and spaces. However, effectively managing this large group to produce the desired benefits can be a challenge.

High Plains Architects has ample experience with the integrated design process and is committed to integrated design as a main tenant of sustainable practice. At the heart of our design approach, we explore design solutions that will not only lower the impact on the planet, but save the owner money for operating costs. As a firm staple, we provide solutions that meet and exceed the goals of the client while fitting into budgets. By using this process, we ensure that building components perform double duty, which eliminates redundant systems and material waste. 

High Plains Architects has extensive experience managing various integrated design and construction teams. Through a collaborative, integrated design process, the collective experience and expertise of the members of our design team can deliver an innovative, cost effective, high-performance building that exceeds your expectations!
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