Red Lodge, Montana


Jim & Pam Moore


1440 square feet



Project Highlights

Worked in cooperation with Krivonen Associates, Energy A.D., and T. Davis Construction


Designed to complement Red Lodge's historic context, this 1440 SF new facility is also a paragon of efficiency. Rock Creek Laundromat's compact floor plan uses a module that is optimized for construction materials, cutting both waste and construction cost. It sits on a thermally-protected monoslab foundation, which was chosen to minimize excavation costs and potential subsoil problems, to serve as the radiant floor heating system, and to provide an easily maintained finish floor. Operating costs are kept low with an efficient building envelope--structural insulated panel walls and cellulose ceiling insulation--that minimizes heat loss and daylighting augmented by a simple but effective cove lighting system. Wood lap siding, corrugated metal wainscoting, and  a chain-tethered overhang complete the whole package.
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