Billings, Montana


NAI Business Properties


11,400 square feet



Project Highlights

Introduced daylighting throughout; Connected two existing buildings with Kalwall entry


The Wilcox Building, built ca. 1950, was remodeled in 2003 to be the headquarters for NAI Business Properties. The dated building had been neglected; leaky windows were replaced and insulation was added, dramatically improving the thermal envelope. A narrow, exterior walkway that divided the building in two parts was enclosed creating a light and airy glazed entry for the building as well as providing abundant natural light. The new entry also formed a secure link between the street front and the parking lot. Other improvements to the overall building include a new skylight diffusing natural light in the main reception area and lattice work created by the buildings’ roof structure. Improved circulation, updated plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, and contemporary finishes of wood and natural colors, complete the space.
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