Crow Agency, Montana


Ed & Jim Watt of Makawasha Properties, L.L.P.


8,600 square feet



Project Highlights

Super-insulated, Day Lit Building


The new Crow Mercantile, located on the Crow Indian Reservation in south central Montana, replaces the previous smaller 1920s vintage grocery store with an 8,600 SF energy efficient building. Not only are the owners proud of their new development and the pleasant and unique shopping environment it provides, the store is more convenient for their customers and also creates jobs for people in Crow Agency, a stimulus to the local economy.

Notable features of the building include: structurally insulated wall and roof panels, Kalwall windows and skylights, operable skylight for night-time flushing, concrete floors for radiant heating and cooling, heat reclaim for the radiant and refrigeration systems, and provisions for rainwater collection and photovoltaic systems. The exterior walls are economically clad in rusted, powder coated and galvanized metals for installation ease, maximum durability, and low maintenance. The interior features lighting on photocells to maximize the use of daylighting to reduce electrical demands when artificial lighting is not necessary. Structural materials like concrete and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) were left exposed, providing durable finishes that eliminate the cost and environmental impact of additional finish materials.

The Crow Mercantile has served its customers’ basic needs for more than 60 years. Now, with more than triple the store size and inventory, they draw even more customers and visitors from around the area while being a showcase building for sustainable design and energy efficiency. Not only is it more convenient for their customers but also creates jobs for people in Crow Agency and stimulates the local economy. 
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