Hardin, Montana


Little Horn State Bank


8,820 square feet



Project Highlights

Energy StarĀ®


The owners of Little Horn State Bank chose High Plains Architects to design their new building on busy North Center Avenue in Hardin, Montana. The new facility provides more room for day-to-day bank operations, creates a more pleasant experience for the customer, and establishes a signature building in the community. The exterior of the building recalls the bygone era of the old west towns, with a facade reminiscent of the false fronts of western commercial buildings, board and batten siding, and wrought iron details. The massing of the building is broken into three different elements, with varying facade heights and setbacks. This gives the impression of three separate buildings, characterizing the main streets of frontier towns.

The interior layout was strategically designed to enhance the connection between vital elements within the program, including the customer lobby, teller area, vault, and the behind-the-scenes operational spaces.

In order to decrease cost and construction time, the building was designed using structurally insulated panels (SIPs), which are prefabricated offsite and rapidly installed onsite to minimize labor. Because SIPs also have superior insulation value compared to traditional building methods, the building is very energy efficient and was awarded the Energy Star. This project was an excellent opportunity to introduce a significant, historically responsive building in Hardin while utilizing contemporary construction technology to construct a building that will stand the test of time.
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