Billings, Montana


L&L Development Venture, L.P.


7,500 square feet



Project Highlights

National Register of Historic Places; Historic Tax Credits; Montana Preservation Alliance Award; Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board Award


This project consisted of an extensive restoration of a historic building on Billings' Southside. Although remnants of some windows, cornice ornament, and storefront still remained, a considerable effort was required to bring the 1896 building into compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's “Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties,” resulting in a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The 7,500 SF L&L Building had undergone alterations in the past and had not been maintained in recent decades. Significant structural reinforcing was required so that the 25 foot wide building with stone foundations had sufficient lateral resistance. Welded steel brace frames were sensitively designed to work within the architectural intent of the project. A restaurant currently occupies the first floor with office spaces in the basement and second floor.

In 2006, the L&L Building was recognized by the Montana Preservation Alliance as a recipient of the Excellence in Historic Preservation Award. Additionally, that same year, it received the Best Practices Achievement Award from the Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board.
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