Billings, Montana


Randy & Janna Hafer


4950 square feet



Project Highlights


This house is a celebration of light, bold forms, long views and carefully crafted edges. Positioned on the north side of its site, against an existing 30 foot high hedgerow, the house opens to the south. The simple, linear plan, gives all rooms within the house a direct south exposure - to sun and view - and permits free-flowing, cross ventilation. The stacking of floors promotes vertical movement, unveils long views, encourages air movement in the summer, and orders the functions with the house to suit the family’s needs.

The house in constructed of materials designed to conserve resources and energy. The walls and roof are framed with structural insulated panels achieving a perimeter envelope higher in insulative value and lower in wood consumption than would be possible with conventional construction techniques. Water and energy efficient appliances, equipment and fixtures are used throughout. With every room open to cool nighttime breezes, mechanical air conditioning for this 4,950 SF house is not needed and was not provided.
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